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MRG Foundation has given out over $12 million in grants since 1976. We fund community groups organizing for social justice in Oregon. Learn more about our Grantees, Board, and History.

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Vote your Values forum on Measure 88 and other ballot measures

We have never been shy about articulating our vision for a just and joyful Oregon, and over the last four decades we’ve let our grants speak for us. But there are times when we must also lend our voices to a cause. Which is why MRG is urging our supporters and allies to vote yes on Measure 88.

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Wed, 2014-10-15

MRG Foundation is seeking a committed, organized, detail-oriented program associate to provide administrative and programmatic support for foundation operations and programs.

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Applying for a grant from MRG Foundation is different from applying to other foundations. Start by finding out Are We Eligible? and learn about the Types of Grants that MRG offers. Or meet our General Fund Grantmakers.