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MRG Foundation has given out over $12 million in grants since 1976. We fund community groups organizing for social justice in Oregon. Learn more about our Grantees, Board, and History.

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IMIrJ at a Protest - Photo Credit: Oregonian
Maria Chávez

Dr. Maria Chávez calls for a compassionate policy response in light of 250 undocumented and unaccompanied children coming to the Pacific Northwest this summer.

Rally in the sun

It's that time of year when the sun is shinning brightly and our thoughts turn quickly to the outdoors. But justice knows no season! Every summer gathering and celebration is a chance to build momentum. 

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Applying for a grant from MRG Foundation is different from applying to other foundations. Start by finding out Are We Eligible? and learn about the Types of Grants that MRG offers. Or meet our General Fund Grantmakers.