To be eligible for an MRG grant, an applicant must:

  • Be organizations – MRG does not fund scholarships or projects by individuals.
  • Work primarily in Oregon and be based in Oregon – MRG does not fund groups headquartered out of state, even if they’re working in Oregon.
  • Have an annual organizational budget less than $500,000

Responsive Grant Criteria:

  • Dismantling oppression. Institutionalized oppression such as racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism and ableism are the primary tools used to perpetuate injustice. While MRG recognizes the multidimensionality of oppression MRG centers race and asks all applicants, regardless of issue area, to name ways that their organizing work challenges institutional racism.
  • Impact. MRG funds groups that will have a deep impact in their community and where our funding will play a critical role in moving a group’s social change work forward.
  • Leadership. We believe that the people most impacted by an issue are best suited to address it.   MRG asks all applicants, regardless of issue area, to show how the leadership of their organization reflects people most impacted by the issue addressed by this grant.

We are not currently accepting applications for our Responsive Grant Program. Please check back for news and updates on upcoming grant programming!

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