Center for Intercultural Organizing

Geographic Area: 
Portland Metro Area
CIO members at Salem rally

The “War on Terror" has had a very real and human impact on immigrant families, communities and lives. Founded by Portland-area immigrants and refugees, CIO protects and expands immigrant and refugee rights through education, civic engagement, community organizing and intergenerational leadership development.

Grantee Grants

Grant Type Amount Grant Made Year Support Type
General Fund $ 17,500.00 2011 General Support
General Fund $ 17,000.00 2010 General Support
General Fund $ 20,000.00 2009 General Support
General Fund $ 15,000.00 2008 General Support
General Fund $ 10,000.00 2007 General Support
Critical Response Grants $ 1,000.00 2007 Project Support
Peace Fund $ 50,000.00 2007
Travel Grants $ 780.00