Community Alliance of Tenants

Geographic Area: 
Portland Metro Area
CAT outreach to tenants

As Oregon's only grassroots, tenant-controlled, tenant-rights organization, CAT develops the leadership of low-income tenants to hold landlords and public officials accountable for unjust housing policies and practices.  With CAT's support, tenant leaders take collective action to create more affordable, safe and stable rental housing.

Grantee Grants

Grant Type Amount Grant Made Year Support Type
General Fund $ 18,000.00 2012 General Support
General Fund $ 19,500.00 2011 General Support
General Fund $ 16,000.00 2010 General Support
General Fund $ 20,000.00 2009 General Support
Travel Grants $ 900.00 2009 Project Support
General Fund $ 15,000.00 2008 Project Support
General Fund $ 8,000.00 2007 Project Support
Travel Grants $ 1,000.00 Project Support