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Human Dignity Coalition

Geographic Area: 
Central Oregon
HDC Youth with Signs, "Love is Tender and Has No Gender"

Human Dignity Coalition is the hub for progressive activism in Central Oregon.  HDC brings together diverse voices to create a grassroots movement for social change in central Oregon. They are an influential player in central Oregon and effectively organizes to prevent discrimination, oppression and hate.

Grantee Profiles

Founded in 1992 as a local response to anti-gay legislation, Human Dignity Coalition has become the hub for progressive activism in Central Oregon.

Grantee Grants

Grant Type Amount Grant Made Year Support Type
General Fund $ 10,000.00 2011 General Support
General Fund $ 9,500.00 2010 General Support
General Fund $ 10,000.00 2009 General Support
General Fund $ 10,000.00 2008 General Support
Travel Grants $ 1,000.00 2008 Project Support
General Fund $ 9,000.00 2007 General Support
Travel Grants $ 500.00 2007 Project Support