Resources for Grantees

Looking for support to make your organization stronger or more effective? Check out these resources that have been selected by MRG staff with your needs in mind.



With these five elements, even a short advoacy story can move people to action.

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Now that we've talked about why you need a CRM, here's how to get one.

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What is a CRM and how it can transform your organizing online and offline

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How to use email as part of your online engagement strategy

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Low-cost design and feature options for a simple WordPress site

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Having a developer can mean getting a better website done sooner, but how you approach them matters.

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Part One of a four-part series on website planning and development for grassroots social justice groups with big ideas and small budgets.

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In Part Two, we cover how to use the basic structure of WordPress to help you create a straightforward navigation.

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An intro to Google Analytics for groups that don't have a communications director

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Just in time for summer, Kathleen's picks for fun books to rock your world when it comes to communicating ideas effectively.