Rural Organizing Project

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Rural Organizing Project rallies for citizenship

ROP works with 65 member groups throughout rural Oregon to build the grassroots movement for social justice. Tackling issues from immigration to peace to healthcare to the economy, ROP is building rural progressive power and taking a stand for human dignity for all people.

Grantee Profiles

Oregon’s own Rural Organizing Project is building a powerful and unique network of small-town activists with a big drive for change.

ROP works to end regressive policies that damage Oregon's public good: “The right-wing is taking away infrastructure— from citizenship, to the post office, to public schools," say organizers.

Grantee Grants

Grant Type Amount Grant Made Year Support Type
General Fund $ 16,000.00 2012 General Support
General Fund $ 20,000.00 2010 General Support
Critical Response Grants $ 2,000.00 2008
Critical Response Grants $ 1,000.00 2008 General Support
Peace Fund $ 50,000.00 2007
Travel Grants $ 1,000.00
Critical Response Grants $ 2,000.00 Project Support
Travel Grants $ 400.00 Project Support