MRG is proud of our legacy of raising and giving out money for cutting edge social justice organizing in Oregon. We want you to join in this legacy and become a part of the community of donors committed to progressive change with a monthly gift from your credit card or checking account! It’s easy and, by spreading the giving out, most donors to give more than they could at one time.

As monthly donor you are MRG’s partner in change. Giving monthly:

  • Demonstrates your commitment to progressive social change in Oregon
  • Provides a consistent source of income that MRG and our grantees can count on
  • Maximizes your giving with an easy, automatic monthly donation. Even $15/month adds up fast!
  • Ensures that Oregon’s social justice movement has the resources it needs

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Our monthly donors say it best:

“MRG does critical work in communities around Oregon to inspire and grow the social justice movement. Being a monthly donor is my small part to ensure this important work has funding it can count on.”

-Liz Baxter, Oregon Public Health Institute and MRG Foundation Board Member

“The people who lead MRG—the people involved at every level of the organization—are change agents in our community. MRG is rooted in the grassroots community, and it’s important for that community to come together to support MRG.”

-Lauren Norris, City of Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability and Voz Worker’s Rights Board Member

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