MRG Foundation awards nearly half a million dollars each year to grassroots groups across Oregon through three primary grantmaking programs, each with their own funding criteria and application timelines. Be sure to check the Eligibility Page for eligibility criteria that apply to all three grantmaking programs. You can also see Frequently Asked Questions that come up as groups are applying.

Spring 2017 General Fund Grant Cycle Update

MRG foundation staff is hard at work evaluating and revamping our grantmaking efforts. Our goal is to make the process more efficient for grantees, as well as our activist grantmakers, and to guarantee we are effectively supporting the movement through sustainable efforts. Some possible changes include increasing funding and capacity to our current Critical Response Grantmaking Program to include project micro grants, creating an online application, exploring multi-year grants, and finding new ways to support emerging groups through seed funding.

To guarantee that this work is rooted in the community and thoughtful, we are giving ourselves time and space to connect with stakeholders and fully evaluate our process and programs. Because of this, there will be not be an open general fund grantmaking cycle in the Spring of 2017, but we will have additional resources available to be responsive to organizer’s needs and requests. We will release additional information and open the application process for these grants in May.

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