What would you do with $300,000?

MRG Foundation is looking for intersectional activists and organizers to help redistribute resources in Oregon!  As a member of the MRG community we know you have the insight, skills, and passion to support this work, so we invite you to join our Grant Making Committee and allocate dollars to grassroots organizing across the state. We […] More »

Farm Worker Rights in the Age of Trump

In January of 2016, MRG launched the Capacity Building Initiative (CBI). The CBI provides multi-year funding, individualized technical assistance, and peer learning opportunities to ten grassroots social change organizations across the state.  Our pilot project is currently being funded in partnership with Meyer Memorial Trust.  Oregon has over 300 registered farm worker housing camps and […] More »

MRG’s new Responsive Grants Program and a reimagining of our grantmaking

When the Trump administration came into power, I called my father. An immigrant to the United States who resisted and escaped an imperialist military coup of his home country, my father survived unthinkable histories that are becoming potential futures. As I unloaded my fears of the unknown, he simply responded, “We have to wait and […] More »

Funding radical social change: Introducing MRG’s spring grantees

MRG Foundation has a long history of funding new, radical, and risky groups that other foundations, and many donors, won’t fund. Before they gained recognition, we funded groups like Cascade AIDS Project, Street Roots, Causa, and UNITE Oregon. This spring we continued this important work by providing $162,000 to 14 grassroots groups across Oregon. These […] More »

The rent is too darn high for non-profits too

The rent is too darn high for non-profits too, a headline from a Washington Post article last fall, is a story we at MRG can relate to right now. I found the article as I struggle with having to find new office space for MRG and think about how gentrification impacts our entire community. None […] More »

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When Giving Back is not enough…creating community in a vacuum

I think about the time before I met Valaida Fullwood, the creative genius behind the book Giving Back: A Tribute to Generations of African American Philanthropists. This was a time before I knew someone had attempted to quantify and qualify the phenomenal giving of people of African descent. A time before what I have always […] More »

Connecting Identity, Art, and Activism: Introducing MRG’s 2017 Lilla Jewel Awardees

As our leaders and institutions attempt to silence women, activists, and especially women activists, now more than ever, we need to lift each other up. MRG is celebrating, elevating, and sharing women’s voices through our Lilla Jewel Fund. Women tell their own stories: the stories of their friends, families, and neighbors, and allow us to […] More »

Building partnerships through challenging conversations: MRG and Concordia University

As a grant-making  foundation focused on racial and social justice, we have a unique responsibility rooted in our privilege and power. We engage in challenging conversations and build partnerships that confront institutional oppression to build communities where people, cultures, and ecosystems thrive. A little over a year ago, we started the journey of bringing Giving […] More »

The Power of Design at The Soul of Philanthropy

Dimeji Onafuwa is the Portland Exhibit Designer of Giving Back: The Soul of Philanthropy, Reframed and Exhibited. He also serves as the Communications Designer for the national exhibit and his company designed the book Giving Back: A Tribute to Generations of African American Philanthropists by Valaida Fullwood and Charles W. Thomas, Jr. He sat down […] More »

A Conversation about Giving Back with Romaine Harris and Stephan Herrera

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down over lunch with my long-time friend, community elder, and MRG volunteer and long time supporter, Romaine Harris. We talked about giving back and her experience visiting Giving Back: The Soul of Philanthropy, Reframed and Exhibited. Stephan Herrera: What does giving back mean to you? Romaine Harris: Giving […] More »