Andrea Miller speaks in front of the Oregon state Capitol

Coming Home: Andrea Miller’s Story

Growing up in South Salem in the 90s, MRG monthly donor Andrea Miller never quite felt like she was part of the Salem community. She is part-Filipina, part-Japanese and part-white, and her family came to Oregon from Hawaii. “There was no category nor community in Salem for me to fit into.” More »

Eleanor Townsend

Leaving a Legacy for Social Justice: Eleanor Townsend’s Story

Eugene resident Eleanor Townsend wasn’t necessarily wealthy by most standards (she was no Koch billionaire), but she was committed to leaving a legacy for social justice. When she passed away in 2010, Eleanor left behind a sizable gift to MRG, enough to fund grants to several grassroots groups organizing for justice. More »

MRG Donor Goudarz Eghtedari

On Feeling Welcomed at MRG: Goudarz Eghtedari’s Story

Goudarz Eghtedari is a donor to McKenzie River Gathering, but he first came to MRG as a prospective grantee. Goudarz founded the American Iranian Friendship Council in 2006, when public debate was focused not on if the U.S. would invade Iran, but when. In this hostile climate, his new group applied for a grant to promote peace and cultural understanding. More »

Community is Both a Means and an End: Dan Goldrich’s Story

“The state of our society is so deteriorated that we have to create community,” explains Dan. “And the good side is that the community is both a means and an end. As a grantmaker, I got to see that there are communities doing great work.” More »

Trust and the Bigger Picture: Beth White’s Story

“It’s important that people who are doing the work are making the funding decisions,” says Beth White. “Sometimes the bigger picture can get lost. With MRG, I can see that bigger picture.” More »

A Chance Encounter: Chris Kahle’s Story

Being raised in the south by parents from Appalachia has given Chris Kahle an understanding of how poverty is an oppressive force in so many peoples’ lives More »