Justice within Reach logo

DATE:  Wednesday, May 27th, 2020

TIME:  5:30PM - 9PM

LOCATION:  The Loft on 8th Ave.


Join us for the social justice party of the year!

Hold the date for Justice Within Reach – our annual un-gala on

Wednesday, May 27

The Loft on 8th Ave.

Let’s ring in the new decade in a celebration that highlights the work of MRG Foundation and our grantees!

Individual tickets will go on sale soon!  More information coming in March.


Sponsor Justice Within Reach

For the past 15 years, Justice Within Reach has uniquely brought together our grantee community, donors, activists, civic leaders, and movement-building organizations to put their party hats on and celebrate all that is joyful about our communities, reminding us how far we have come and giving us a clear vision of the world we are working to create!

MRG is living our values of justice and equity by making all sponsorships benefits available at every level – and inspiring larger sponsorships by outlining the potential impact made possibly by your sponsorship.

Download our Sponsorship Brochure to learn more about partnering with MRG Foundation!

We hope you will consider underwriting Justice Within Reach at the highest level that fits your budget – not because you will get better seating or a larger logo in the program book, but because you will be an even stronger supporter of grassroots organizing and our grantees’ work toward a just and joyful world.

Purchase your sponsorship here!

Questions? Contact Development Director, Dena Zaldua at dena@mrgf.org