Lakota Club members, family, and spiritual leaders participate in a powwow inside the Oregon State Penitentiary

Restoring Native Culture inside the Oregon State Penitentiary

Lakota Oyate Ki is working to preserve Native culture in one of the most difficult organizing environments in Oregon — and they’re securing some major victories! More »

Empowering LGBTQ Youth Across Oregon

In addition to marriage equality, where Millennial voters will continue be a big factor, creating safe and affirming spaces for young people is one of the most pressing issues in the LGBTQ community. Three MRG Foundation grantees are working to empower and engage youth throughout Oregon. More »

Eugene/Springfield NAACP builds momentum for educational equity

Eugene/Springfield NAACP is doubling down on their commitment to educational equity and is tacking some of the toughest issues our communities face. More »

Adults holding large signs and yelling while protesting on the side of a street

Building Powerful Coalitions in Rural Oregon

ROP works to end regressive policies that damage Oregon’s public good: “The right-wing is taking away infrastructure— from citizenship, to the post office, to public schools,” say organizers. More »

Organizing Homeowners to Resist Unjust Foreclosures

Thousands of Oregon homeowners are finding out they can fight back against big banks. More »

Right2Surive and Right 2 Dream Too Direct Actions

We All Have a Right 2 Survive

This Portland group is challenging the city’s inadequate response to homeless individuals and families. More »

Collage of PCASC direct actions

Three Questions for PCASC

PCASC talks about how international solidarity work has changed in the last decade More »

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs in Southern Oregon

RVOA is bringing an innovative green jobs program to Southern Oregon, and is one of many groups backing the Oregon State Bank proposal More »

Lawyers for Oregon’s Environmental Movement

When you read a headline about a successful legal case involving Oregon’s land, air or water, chances are that Crag Law Center is somewhere in the story. More »

Umatilla Morrow Alternatives, an LGBTQ group in Eastern Oregon

Breaking Isolation for Rural LGBTQ Folks

Guess who’s at the Hermiston County Fair talking about homophobia? More »

Someone standing at a Human Dignity Coalition with a Pride Flag and rainbow ballongs

Building Progressive Power in Central Oregon

Founded in 1992 as a local response to anti-gay legislation, Human Dignity Coalition has become the hub for progressive activism in Central Oregon. More »