If you have questions that aren’t covered here, on our eligibility page, or grant programs page, you can call MRG Foundation at 503-289-1517 or email at grants@mrgf.org.

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When is your next deadline?

How do we know which grant category to apply for?

Can I apply for more than one type of grant at the same time?

Do you fund general operating or do I need to apply for a special project?

How many grants do you award each cycle?

What are the largest and average General Fund grant sizes?

Who makes MRG Foundation's grant decisions?

What is the timeline? If we are selected as a grantee, when can we expect to receive a check?

What do you look for in a group's problem statement?

How should we present our group's solution?

How do we prove that our group can work towards a solution?

How should our group present our budget?

How does our group demonstrate organization stability?

What do you look for in a budget?

We've applied before. Do we have to write a full narrative again?

Do you fund work that has already been completed?

Do we need to answer every question?

Do you accept late proposals?