It might surprise you to learn that you don’t have to be wealthy to make a significant gift to MRG Foundation. That’s because a planned gift allows you to make a gift not from your income, but from the assets that you own. In many cases, a planned gift can increase your income and reduce your taxes, giving you greater security and benefits than if you had not made a gift. Here are simple explanations of just a few of the options available for you to consider giving.

A number of MRG supporters have funded programs throughout Oregon’s progressive movement by making bequests in their wills and other planned gifts. For example, our Peace Fund was made possible by a $1,000,000 bequest by Eugene resident Rob McCay. Smaller bequests have helped MRG expand outreach efforts, increase grants, and build an endowment – ensuring a vibrant future for the foundation and the progressive movement.

Include MRG Foundation in Your Will

One of the easiest ways to make a significant gift to MRG Foundation is through a bequest in your will. Bequests are often the single largest charitable gift an individual makes and – whether the gift is $1,000 or $10,000,000 – it can leave a powerful legacy and make a profound impact on MRG’s work.

You can name MRG Foundation in your will or by adding a codicil to a will you already have. You can bequeath MRG Foundation a specific amount of money, a particular piece of property, or even a portion of your estate that remains after your other obligations and bequests to family and friends are distributed.

Here is sample language you can use to name MRG Foundation in your will:

I give and bequeath _________ (the amount or percentage of your estate) to the McKenzie River Gathering Foundation, a nonprofit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Oregon to be used for such purposes as McKenzie River Gathering Foundation may designate. The office is located at 411 NE 19th Ave Bldg 1 First Floor, Portland, Oregon 97232. The tax identification number is 93-0691187.

To name MRG Foundation in your will, it’s best to use our full legal name: McKenzie River Gathering Foundation.

Bequests without conditions provide MRG the greatest flexibility, allowing us to leverage the gift where it’s most needed and most strategic. However, donors may designate gifts to the endowment, general fund, or specify an area of interest.

A Gift of Deferred Retirement Income

Giving the remainder of your pension plan, IRA, 401K, or other qualified retirement plan to charity is one of the smartest estate planning decisions you can make. Deferred retirement income can be taxed very heavily if it is left to anyone but a legally married spouse. Since retirement plans can be a very expensive inheritance for your heirs, your retirement savings can be an excellent asset to give to charity.

To designate MRG Foundation as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401K, or other qualified retirement plan, please use the following information on your beneficiary designation form:

McKenzie River Gathering Foundation
411 NE 19th Avenue  Bldg One First Floor  Portland, OR  97232

Tax ID #: 93-0691187

Making a Gift with Life Insurance

Do you have a life insurance policy that you took out long ago (perhaps to pay a mortgage or fund a college education) that you no longer need? This is a perfect gift to give to a non-profit organization. You can either give the policy to MRG Foundation or name MRG Foundation as the policy’s beneficiary.

You can also establish a new policy with MRG Foundation as owner or beneficiary.
As a part of your gift, you pledge that you will continue paying the premiums. You can also ask MRG Foundation to pay the annual premiums as long as you pledge to make an annual gift that will cover their cost.

Other Strategies to Make a Large Gift

Stock and Other Appreciated Securities

Some of the best things you can gift to MRG Foundation are stocks, bonds, or shares of mutual funds that you own. This is an especially effective way to make a gift if you own highly appreciated stock that is now worth far more than you originally paid for it. Learn more about giving stock to MRG Foundation.

Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-advised funds are a great way for you to simplify your giving. You can make a single donation or stock transfer to MRG, then make recommendations for your fund’s distribution to multiple nonprofit organizations over time. MRG has more than 30 years of experience facilitating donor-advised grants for progressive donors and we’ve handled over $5 million in grants in our donor-advised giving program. Learn more about donor-advised funds at MRG Foundation.

Real Estate

You can make a gift of your home or other real estate with approval of MRG Foundation. As a part of your donation, you must provide an appraisal of the fair market value and an environmental audit of the property. MRG Foundation will also conduct a visual inspection of the property before acceptance.

For more information about making a legacy gift to MRG Foundation, please contact us at  503-289-1517.